Our Team

Shah Companies specializes in providing the full-range of services associated with commercial properties. Our staff is fully qualified to offer brokering, tenant representation, development (partial or complete), and even management services. Shah Companies possesses a vision for the future that is widely sought by many in the community. Shah Companies provides services with an expertise in Fort Bend County commercial real estate market that is unparalleled.

Targeted direct marketing and a broad professional and personal network garner results for Shah Companies clients. A continually updated database of properties, utilization of internet-based multiple listing services, a prominent website presence, strong newspaper representation, and thorough follow up are tools sellers can count on for moving their commercial real estate.

Tenant Representation
Buyers and lessees can be assured that Shah Companies knows the commercial real estate market and delivers the strongest options for business location or real estate investment.
Handling the myriad details of buying or leasing commercial real estate is one of Shah Companies’ fortes. Buyers and tenants rely on our up-to-date knowledge of the commercial real estate market to assist in obtaining the best possible purchase and lease rates, and terms. The utilization of careful financial and property analyses and investment strategies maximizes the clients’ advantages in the decision-making process.

Commercial Property Development

Shah Companies provides an array of commercial real estate property development services for commercial construction and renovation projects. From analysis and research to planning, designing and building new properties to renovating or improving current properties; Shah Companies creates balance in quality, economy, and timing. A full network of strong relationships with architects, engineers, contractors, and regulatory bodies enables the Shah Companies client to plan, design, and construct or improve commercial property in an optimum manner.

Property Management
We provide full-service property management including lease-negotiation, rent collection, property maintenance, and construction management with an eye to deadlines, budgets and future marketability.

Property Tax Consulting

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